Cane Fu Facilitator Program

Cane Fu Facilitator Program
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  • Total Duration: 3:24:20
  • Videos: 8
In this course, you will find all the materials needed to become a Cane Fu Facilitator.


SESSION-Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part 1
In the first of this multipart series, GM Shuey discusses the Cane Fu Facilitator program as a system designed to "get the word out" about the benefits and empowering nature of the cane.
SESSION-Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part 2-Warm Ups, Stretching and the Exercise System
In part 2 of the Cane Fu Facilitator Program series, GM Shuey demonstrates the appropriate warm ups and stretches that students should participate in previous to going into the exercise system as well as practicing self-defense techniques. In addition, he goes through the exercise system both while using a resistance band and with the cane by itself.
SESSION-Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part 3-The Basic Foundation
The content in the Basic Foundation of the Cane video is the "backbone" of the Cane Fu Facilitator program; the cornerstone upon which all the self defense techniques are built. In this Session GM Shuey offers a snapshot of the curriculum.
SESSION-Cane Fu Facilitator Program Part IV-Intermediate Techniques and Drills
Part IV of the Cane Fu Facilitator course focuses on the curriculum shown in the Intermediate Techniques and Drills video. GM Shuey, along with his "uke" Mark, demonstrate a few of the techniques utilizing the information from the Basic Foundation video.
SESSION: Cane Fu Facilitator Part V-Advanced Techniques and Take Downs
In part V of the Cane Fu Facilitator Session GM Shuey, along with help from our office manager Tiffany, focuses on the use of the crook for locks, take downs and throws. Being as much of the practice is centered around the head and neck, safety is paramount!
SESSION-Cane Fu Facilitator-Part VI-The Dirty Dozen and Conclusion
GM Shuey talks about the final piece of the Cane Fu Facilitator program, the Dirty Dozen sitting and standing self defense techniques. Plus, he offers a synopsis of the entire program.
SESSION-Cane Techniques While Sitting
In this Session, GM Shuey demonstrates cane exercise and self defense techniques from a chair, as well as discusses the Warrior Cane Project.